The Spear – Stephen McNallen’s latest book – is an impassioned call for the awakening, self-determination and immortality of the European-descended peoples – and the attainment of their high Destiny. It is a manual for the Wolf Age, and a roadmap to victory for our Folk.

The book is divided into four main chapters: “The Spear, the Wind, and Wotan”…”The Goal and the Path”…”What We Are Up Against”…”Fighting the Fight”…and “Taking Up the Spear.” The Spear is the weapon of Wotan/Odin, and it has two aspects: Fury (when it was thrown over the ranks of the foe in the Viking Age), and Wisdom (when it pierced Wotan’s side as he hung on the World Tree to win the wisdom of the runes).

But Wotan himself, of course, also shares these two natures of Fury and Wisdom. Doctor Carl Jung wrote, after the Second World War, that we had seen Odin’s/Woden’s violent, warlike, furious side – but he also predicted that, after “years or decades,” Wotan’s Wisdom aspect would show itself…That time is now! We, you and I, are the ones fulfilling this prophecy! With our might and will, we shall make it so!

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