The real question is

Who is Wotan?

Our Mission

The Wotan Network is a group of men and women invoking the might of the ancient god Wotan for the Awakening of the European-descended peoples. This is utterly necessary for our survival, our dignity, and the destiny that is ours … if only we will grasp it!

We seek to change the spiritual, psychological, and cultural patterns that have caused this slumber. This in turn will remake the social and political landscape – and change the course of our history.

Valkyries Riding into Battle by Johann Gustav Sandberg (1782-1854)


Insight and commentary to equip the reader with the knowledge they need to succeed.


Climbing mountains and other feats of strength bolster the reawakening of our spirit.

Wotan on the Peaks

Complete your own Wotan on the Peaks journey and send us photos and videos to share on the Network. Contact us here!