the archetype

February 9, 2015, Author: steve

The stories of our Gods and heroes reflect who we are, and what we can become. Wotan appears not just in our lore, but is also seen symbolically through the looking-glass of our deeper consciousness, in peasant tales and in the deeds of great living, breathing historical figures alike. He is always there, in our minds and souls, but he is no mere symbol, no abstract Jungian construct, but a vital force for his sons and daughters here in Midgard, the world of humankind.


Wotan embodies the wise old man, the ancient presence whom we must channel to be wiser in our own lives. He embodies foresight into the unknown, planning for the road ahead, the mysteries of our existence. He represents the sacrifice to a greater ideal. We seek to rekindle that spirit in our Folk.

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