the god

February 9, 2015, Author: steve

He is known by many names – Wotan to the Germans, Woden to the Saxons, Odin to the Norse. High One, Lore Master, One-Eyed God, Father of Victory. But always, he is the father of the Germanic Gods, and of the Germanic peoples themselves. Wotan is the tip of the spear, the raven in flight, the Mysterious One, the Wanderer, a God of paradox, wisdom, and ecstasy.

He is the spiritual father of our Folk; his self-sacrifice for knowledge on the branches of the World Tree led to the revelation of the runes, and his quest for the Mead of Inspiration blesses Gods and Folk alike. We call on him for victory and wisdom, and we summon his might for our well-being, for the Awakening of his sons and daughters, and for the fulfillment of our high Destiny.

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