the myth

February 9, 2015, Author: steve

Our myths reflects deep truths. For the individual they give guidance and spiritual context; for our people as a whole they underpin our culture, our community, and our identity as a distinct and unique group among the many peoples of Earth. They give us a symbolic past, and a future of promise and greatness. We are sprung from Mother Europe, and our myths reflect our deep soul, our inner essence.


The myths tell us what matters most to us, and the tales of Wotan are no exception: The gaining of wisdom, honor, courage, loyalty to kin, strength, endurance, friendship. Wotan perseveres in hardship, goes on mighty quests, honors the generous, and fosters great heroes. He calls upon us to be heroic as well, and to become more than we are. We strive to rekindle this primordial, mythic spirit in our people.

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